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I am an avid player of RPG's, and have a Homebrew Setting of my own for fantasy Role Play.

This page has some links related to RPG's, and will also contain my own homebrew setting that I currently use for Dungeons and Dragons groups, 'The Atlas of Thernicus'.

Thernicus This is the homepage for my Homebrew Setting, the World of Thernicus. It's been around in some form (mainly sheets of notebook paper and index cards) since my days of playing Basic DnD and ADnD back in 1981.
Greyhawk Maps for and of the World of Greyhawk, the original DnD Campaign Setting
Links Assorted links that are related to Role-Playing. Plenty of forums, resources, and other interesting things.
A Gallery of Maps and Images for the Night Below Campaign Setting
A Gallery of Maps for the Forgotten Realms



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