Historical Road Maps of Virgina

Here you will find some maps that I have scanned from my collection, showing the changes in the local landscape as far as roads and development in Richmond and Central Virgina. Just click on the smaller images to go to a larger one, but be warned, some of the files are rather large.

Virgina, 1959 | Virgina, 1961 | Richmond to Fredricksburg, 1961 | Virginia, 1974 | Virginia, 1981 | Richmond, 1961 | Richmond, 1974 | Richmond, 1981 | Richmond, 2006

Central Virginia

These maps show the Central Virginia region from 1959 through 1981

Virginia and Mid-Atlantic, 1959 Virgina and part of the Mid-Atlantic, 1959

This map is from a 1959 Conoco Road Atlas, and shows Central and Eastern Virginia, as well as portions of North and South Carolina, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. At the time, the only part of Intersate 95 that had been constructed in Virginia were the parts of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike that were completed.

Virginia, 1961 Virgina, 1961

This is from a 1961 Esso Map of Virginia, and in two short years, the Interstate System is starting to make itself known in Central Virginia. Work on extending Interstate 95 from it's completed sections on the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike has begun.

Work has also started on Interstate 66 in Northern Virginia, as well as the Capital Beltway, Interstate 495, around the nation's capital.

Richmond to Fredricksburg, 1961 Richmond/Fredricksburg Corridor, 1961

Again, the Esso Map of 1961, this is a close-up view of the U.S. 1 corridor between Richmond and Fredricksburg, as Intersate 95 is constructed. Also visible is the Northern Neck region, and the eastern part of the state heading towards the Tidewater Region.

Virginia, 1974 Virginia, 1974

From a 1974 AAA Map of Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware and Maryland, you can note the changes in Central Virginia's Highways with Interstates 64 and 95 pretty much completed in Central Virginia. The Capital Beltway (I-495) is completed, and I-66 is well-underway. What is today Interstate 270, is still numbered Interstate 70-S in Maryland.

Virginia, 1981 Virginia, 1981

A 1981 Official State Map of Virginia. Here you can see the signs of Interstate 295's progress around part of Richmond. It was not designed as a complete bypass. Instead, it was designed to take thru-traffic around Richmond and Petersburg.

Interstate 85 is completed in Virginia, and only a small section of Interstate 95 was under construction in Southern Virginia.

Metro Richmond Area

These Maps show the Metro Richmond Area from 1961 through 1981

Richmond Area, 1961 Metro Richmond Map, 1961

Close up of the Metro Richmond Area from the 1961 Esso Map. As you can see, the only completed Interstate Highways in the region are the parts of I-95 and I-85 that are routed along the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike.

Richmond Area, 1974 Metro Richmond Map, 1974

Taken from the 1974 AAA Map, this shows Interstate 195 under construction on the western edge of the city limits of Richmond, starting at the junction of I-64 and I-95. The Powhite Parkway is shown as completed in it's original alignment, and the Downtown Expressway is shown, signed as Virginia 88, although it is actually Virginia 195. The Chippenham Parkway is shown mostly as a surface street. Today it is mostly a limited access highway.

Richmond Area, 1981 Metro Richmond Map, 1981

From the 1981 Official State Map, Interstate 295 is shown partially completed, to U.S. 60 on the eastern side of the Metro Region. The Powhite Extension is not shown as proposed yet, neither is Virginia 288, which would haphazardly complete the Metro Beltway by the time it was fully opened in 2005.

Richmond Area, 2006 Metro Richmond Today

From the 2005 AAA Map of the Richmond Area. All of the Richmond Area Freeways and Interstates are complete. Interstate 295 and Virginia 288 complete the beltway, albeit not a perfect circle. Virginia 150 and 895 form a second loop on the south side of the city.