What's New!

A listing of recent updates!

4.1.06-Added the Historical Road Maps of Virginia page, which is reached from the main page. On it you will find some old maps of Central Virginia and Richmond which show the growth in the region since 1959.

3.30.06-The Character Database on the RPG page is active, and for those who are registered, you can add and edit your character sheets.

3.25.06-The Album Database is now online, and searchable by Artist and Year.

3.16.06-Added the 'Influential Albums' Page and Link on the 'Music Page'.

3.13.06-Added the 'Battles of Saie-Rilgar Page' to the Atlas of Thernicus. It can be reached via the Haven Entry on the Nations Page, or this link: Battles of Saie Rilgar

11.22.06-Added a link to my new blog on the front page.

3.19.07-Removed the D20 Future Gallery.

3.19.07-Added a Link to the Homepage of my friend Andy's band, 'Hamburger James'. They play rockabilly, blues and 'real country'.

4.4.07-Updated the main page, and moved the Lonesome Crow homepage to the server.

4.7.07-Added many new links to the RPG Links page.

7.7.07-Added new links to the

10.16.07-Added a new link to my OOTP Baseball Old Tyme Simulation League

2.4.08-Updated the Links page.

2.9.08-Updated the Links page.

2.9.08-Updated the RPG Links page.

3.22.08-Added a new Maps Page-Night Below Maps

5.25.09- Been awhile. Added the Forgotten Realms Maps back to the page, added a new page for the Continent of Myrdar.

7.20.09-Added a link to the recent Historical Baseball Simulation I ran. It covers Major League Baseball (American and National) 1889-2009

12.2.12-Finally got around to updating out of date and broken RPG links on the Links and RPG Links pages

2.1.16-Added a Page for Berem in Baldor, and Linked it to the Baldor Page. Updated the Baldor Page, and the Ilysban Page in the Gazeteer. Updated the Gods page, adding Ishtar, Verenestra and Cthulhu.